Why Integrated Legal Research Is A Good Thing

Integrated Legal ResearchIn the past lawyers, would spend almost 80 % of their time doing research and digging through the vast sea of papers and cases that have happened before so they can find a precedent or something that can aid them in their current case. People would spend so much time doing this type of research that some lawyers would never even see the courtroom as they have always been behind the scenes working with these kinds of research methods.

Today we have an easier time as the digital age has helped many lawyers cut their time spent on research by up to 50%. Today we can streamline different methods and integrate them into specific programs or algorithms and have them work the heavy lifting for us. An app that is voted as the best app of this sorts named Fastcase is an app that deals with such research algorithms.

So how does this exactly help your lawyer do a better job for you?

1.It helps with time tracking

Integrated Legal ResearchIn previous methods, you as a lawyer would have to bill your time to spend on research, and they would usually be written down without any supervision. The app will track the time that the lawyer has to spend on it, and it will also track what the lawyer was researching in that time. Making this one hell of a money saver.

2.Fast case associations

The most time lawyers spent researching was to find case associations from earlier times. If they could find that a case similar to the one, they are currently dealing with had before been resolved in a positive manner for them than their job was 80 % done. That usually took tons of time in the past, but today it could only take them several minutes to get the same results.

3.Bookmarking results

The moment somebody found a case that was similar to their current one they would use that information and forget about it. That could create issues down the road as after 10 years they could run into another case like that and by that time they could forget what they searched in the past. These apps let them bookmark their research history so they can come back to it at any time in the future.

4.It cuts the administrative work

Of all the benefits an app like this provides to the lawyers the last one is the icing on the cake. The last is the administrative work that needs to be done to conclude the successful case among the attorney and the client. Whenever a case is done, there are tons of paperwork left to fill out.

These apps let the lawyers have faster research times, more reliable researches, stored information all in one place and less administrative time for everyone. If your lawyer is using an app like Fastsearch than you are in the right hands. They will never think about going back to the traditional way of doing research.