Employment Law And You

When it comes to legal issues at work you might think that the employer holds all the cards, don’t give into the scare tactics, you are entitled to an attorney, and you might have been wronged on many occasions, but you just did not know. The employer usually has all the benefits when it comes to resolving issues with his worker.

Employment LawEmployers can often bully the employee into submission and will get the employee to drop certain subjects and not talk about many issues. The more we have advanced as a society, the more this kind of behaviour has not been lessened by the amounts of lawsuits that have been filed by employees against their employers. In many cases, people do not even know what could be considered a good reason to sue their employer, so we will list a few to teach you about your rights.

– Any Wage and overtime issues.

– All forms of Sexual harassment, which also includes sex for benefits harassments and sexual insults

– Wrongful termination in many forms.

– All forms of discrimination which include discrimination against religion, national origins, all forms of disability, gender discrimination age and race discrimination.

– Many kinds of safety violations at the workplace.

– Violations that involve violations on workers breaks, and unpaid bonuses.

– Wrongful employment contracts.

– Non-compete agreements that can damage your future.

And much more that fall into the subcategories of the above mentioned.

If you believe that you have been a victim of any specified situations, don’t hesitate to contact your lawyer and ask for their opinion.

The most common reasons companies get sued for is over three reasons.

1.The wage and hour violations

When it comes to this violation, the employer usually fails at paying the minimum wage, paying for the worked overtime, or breaking rules regarding the minimum brakes for eating. In every state, there is a different amount of the minimum wage, make sure you are aware of the minimum wage for the job you are doing.

Employment Law

Next is to know what you are entitled by law if you work overtime. Usually, the overtime starts after 8 working hours, or after 40 hours a week, but that can be different by a small amount from state to state. Last are the brakes for lunch which the law requires a minimum of one and sometimes two during working hours.

2.Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination is a term used to describe when the employer terminates his employee under false pretense.

Additionally, the main situations where an employee is wrongfully terminated are:

– Terminating an employee that refused to violate any law.

– Terminating an employee that reported any illegal activity.

– Terminating an employee that exercised his constitutional right

– Terminating an employee due to his religion, sex, political declaration, race, color, disability, pregnancy, or any other form of discrimination.

3.Violations of safety at the workplace

Employers are held responsible for keeping the working area safe for their employees. If for any reason your security as an employee is in danger due to inadequate safety equipment, lots of hazardous conditions without implemented safety measures, or any other safety hazard you are eligible to sue your employer.

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