Child Treated for Serious Injuries After Rear-End Crash


A 19-year-old Dania Beach man was speeding in foggy conditions and changing lanes repeatedly Tuesday morning when he slammed into the rear of a commercial van on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, causing serious injuries to a 6-month-old passenger.

Fog is one of the worst weather conditions to drive through, something 19-year-old Ioan Lupeanu learned the hard way when he rear ended a commercial an while driving on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. A 6-month-old passenger sustained serious injuries.

The police report indicates that despite the reduced visibility, Lupeanu was both speeding and making frequent lane changes while traveling east. The crash took place when the white commercial van stopped for traffic and Lupeanu failed to see the brake lights in time.

Courtney Campbell CausewayLupeanu’s infant child, Anelissa, was in the car at the time but hadn’t been properly restrained in an approved child car seat. The injuries she sustained during the wreck are being treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Anelissa’s mother, 18-year-old Rebecca Militaru, who was also in the car, sustained minor injuries. The van’s driver also sustained minor injuries and the police listed the damage done to both vehicles as minor. At this point, police continue to investigate the cause and effect of the accident.

That was just one of the accidents that took place on Tuesday morning. Because traffic was congested drivers chose to take alternative routes, including The Bayside Bridge. Traffic on the bridge came to a stand-still when a car that has slowed and moved over for a tow truck was rear-ended and forced into the car in front of it.  The accident resulted in one person being transported to Mease Countryside Hospital where they received treatment for minor injuries.

Marc Yonkers, a personal injury attorney at Tampa-based Winters and Yonker, said this case is an important reminder. “Tragedies such as this can be avoided if drivers will just slow down and pay attention. Parents should always keep children properly restrained and make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt.”

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