Virtual Paralegal

Should You Hire A Virtual Paralegal?

Virtual Paralegal

A virtual paralegal is a term used for all assistants that are under the supervision of a lawyer that work over the phone or a computer to help you with your legal issues. It’s understandable that because of such an arrangement you would maybe be hesitant to share your sensitive private information and generally conduct business over the internet, but we have to say that in fact it’s one of the best ways the legal business can be done. It is one of the best

Usually, when people have questions for their lawyer, it takes them both time to coordinate an appointment and usually it does not require some big issues. Most of the times it’s to draft some papers, sign on a few legal documents, or just to state something about the case. This can all from over the virtual paralegal. In fact, dealing with the virtual paralegal gives your lawyer more time to prepare for the heavy lifting as drafting a defense or a plan of attack usually takes quite some time, and remember you are not the only client to your lawyer, so his time is already stretched.

But let’s get down the too real benefits of having a virtual paralegal

– For the company, it cuts costs a lot. The company can hire a virtual paralegal from a smaller firm and in that way, outsource its small issues to a company that needs the work, but at the same time, you don’t need to pay for their insurance as they don’t work for you per se.

Virtual Paralegal– For the clients,it’s better for several reasons. You don’t waste your money on an expensive attorney just to ask some questions, collect and prepare some papers and phone you of any changes. The level of commitment you will get from these paralegals will be on par with the most expensive lawyers which you might not be in a position to afford.

But before you decide to deal with a virtual paralegal here are some tips.

Virtual Paralegal– Never assume that your paralegal has the required certificates. If you ever choose to hire a virtual paralegal request for the showing of credentials. There are many sensitive issues that the paralegal will work with, and you have to protect your data before everything else.

– Further, secure your data. The most common problem when working with other people is employee negligence. This happens in all fields, and you have to make sure your data is encrypted if it is sensitive and it will require you to send it over the internet.

– Coordinate and plan ahead with the paralegal – many of them use content frame strategy. Everyone in the law business has their hands full of issues to deal with. If you hire a virtual paralegal, understand that you are not their only client and coordinate with them when and how things can be done in the shortest amount of time.

– Be reasonable and open about your needs. The paralegal will know a lot but have in mind that they are not full blown lawyers yet, and your needs should be stated in advance to avoid confusion or overreach.