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What Does Product Liability Mean?

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In today’s consumer market, we have thousands and thousands of products that we buy and use on a daily basis. The problem with that is there might be thousands of potential ways you can get injured and get your property damaged due to no fault of your own.

Product liability is a term that involves situations where one party gets injured due to the fault of the defective product. The term defective product is used for every product that has failed in providing its intended service without in a safe environment.

In fact, when we talk about defected products we can safely assume that one of three situations could be responsible for your injuries or the damage that you have sustained due to its failure.

The three main categories where product liability cases fall are:

1.Warning defects

Product LiabilityProducts that have failed to provide in writing warnings to the user. All the goods that have not stated in their “how to use” and “danger” section the potential threats that the product might inflict upon its user during regular use are considered a warning defects.

For instance, if your power tool can shock you if unplugged in a proper way and they have not stated that on their product you might be a victim of a warning defect and you might be entitled to compensation.

2.Design defects

The products that have failures in their use due to the poor design fall into this category. Some products have been developed without a thought of the consumer safety during its use. If the law finds that the product is unsafe for use in its intended form, then that product is considered a design defected product.  You could be eligible for compensation depending on your injury.

3.Manufacturing defects

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The term Manufacturing defects are used for every product that is designed properly but where the materials, assembly process, and other steps in its creation have failed. For this particular scenario, the factory producing the product can be held accountable for any and all damages the product has caused. For instance, if the TV had a wire that was not coated with the proper material and got overheated causing it to burst into flames and burn down the house, the TV would have been directly responsible for the property damage and its manufacturing defect would be the reason you could be awarded compensation.